What is Venn?

Venn is all about connecting people and activities.
Meet new people based on interests, values and preferences.
Easily compare how your values and preferences match.
Bring your friends or make new.
Connect and chat.

· Swipe right to send a connect request
· Tap the message button to send a message
· Swipe left to pass
· Swipe down to remove
· Show your image gallery
· Match with others based on your interests

Made by your friends in Norway!

By the way Venn means friend in Norwegian.

Can I use Venn anywhere in the world?

Absolutely. Venn is global and uses your selected location to find new people. Going to a new place and want to find someone who shares your hobby? Download the app and try.

Is Venn free?

Yes. Venn is a completely free app.

Can I look someone up on Venn?

Sure. Just search for their name in the search tab.

Where can I download Venn?

Just use one of these links:

How do I sign up?

In order to create a profile you just need to use your phone number and we'll send you a one-time code that will open your profile.

How do I change my profile photo?

Go to settings and choose “about me” to edit your profile photo.

How do I manage my gallery?

Go to your settings and choose gallery. There you can upload new photos, delete and arrange them by tapping and holding on an image.

Can I hide my profile?

Sure. Just go to your profile and activate "Hide profile"

Can I hide info my profile?

Go to settings. Here you can access your entire profile and choose what elements to hide. You can also hide your entire profile from the service by selecting “Hide profile”.

Can I hide my location?

If you don’t want to other users to know how far away you are from them, you can hide your location in settings.

How do I delete my profile?

Go to the bottom of your settings and choose “Delete Account”.

How does swiping work

· Swipe right to connect
· Tap the chat icon to send a message or a nudge
· Swipe left to pass
· Swipe down to remove
· Tap either side of the profile image for next or previous image in the gallery
· Tap the percentage to see how you match with the current profile

How do I change my location?

If you want to find new people in a different area, you can change your location. Go to location settings from your bottom toolbar (location icon) You can switch back to your current location at any time.

How do I chat?

When you connect with someone, you can start a chat in the friends tab.

Can I send attachments?

We're hard at work on this and will let you know as soon as it is ready!

How do I report someone?

Go to your friend list. Tap and hold on the profiles to bring up the report option.

How do I unfriend a user?

Go to your friend list. Tap and hold on the profiles to bring up the options.

Still have questions? Email us at support@findavenn.com