Respect others

Being nice to others is at the core of our community and the key to making it better.

· Never threaten or intimidate other users.
· Be kind and respectful.
· Don’t ask for nudes.
· Never harass, bully or spam other users.
· It’s not OK to make threats of physical harm or other criminal activities.
· Don’t post content which is sexist, racist, homophobic or discriminatory.

Be yourself

· Make your self visible in at least one photo.
· Don’t post fake pictures.
· Never pretend to be someone else or impersonate other people.

Don't share

· Pornographic or sexually explicit content.
· Shirtless/underwear.
· Nude images/videos of yourself or others.
· Images/videos that promote violence such as violent acts or weapons.
· Gory and graphic images/videos.
· Images/videos that promote any drugs.
· Pictures or videos of people without seeking their permission.
· It is not acceptable to use other users’ social media accounts.
· Coupon codes & sales links.

Keep it lawful

· Don’t use Venn for any unlawful activities.
· Don’t post hateful content or promoting violence or organized crime of any kind, including terrorism.
· Any sexual content involving minors will be reported directly to the police.
· It’s not ok to promote or advertise sexual services

Help us

Please report any users that don’t respect our community guidelines. We want to make this place nice for everyone!