Terms of service and privacy policy

Last updated 15.06.2022

1. About Venn and these terms
Venn is a mobile application developedand operated by the Norwegian company Friendr AS, with address O. J. Brochsgate 18, 5006 Bergen, Norway. Organisation number 917426317. All references to “we”,“us” and “our” in the following refer to Friendr AS.

Venn is a digital meeting arena that intends to lower the threshold for getting in contact with new people and starting or joining new activities. Users define their own values, preferences, interests and activities: Artificial Intelligence processes the data and creates tailor-made suggestions for people and activities for every single user of the application.  

Venn is only available to and may only be used by persons who, under local law, are entitled to enter into legally binding agreements. Venn is aimed primarily at adults over 18 years old. If you are under 18 and choose to create a user account, you must still comply with these terms. Children under the age of 13 cannot create a user account with us.

In order to create a user account and get access to Venn (the “Service”), you are required to accept these terms of service (the “Terms”). The Terms are accepted by explicitly clicking “I accept” when requested to do so upon registering your account

You maycontact us at support@findavenn.com at any time if you have anyquestions about these Terms. These Terms were last updated on June 15th2022.

2. Your account information and account security
Your account is personal and is only meant for you. You may not share your log in details with third parties, nor register other people’s names, addresses or other contact information to your personal profile. The name and phone number that you submit to your personal profile shall be your own. You are responsible for ensuring that your information is correct and up to date. Your password and log-in details shall be stored in a safe location.

3. User restrictions and responsibilities
You are responsible for any and all information in your profile, and for any content that you share or upload to the Service. You are also responsible and fully liable for how you communicate and interact with other users. Do not pursue communication with other users if they have asked you to refrain from contacting them.

You hereby agree that you will refrain from communicating, sharing or uploading any content that is:

- Factually wrong, misleading or deceptive,
- Infringing the intellectual property rights of any third parties, including us. This entails that you may not upload images, videos, text, illustrations, designs, concepts or other technical or creative work without securing the right to such content prior to uploading the content to the Service,
- Offensive, threatening, derogatory, defamatory, injurious or
- Sexually charged or pornographic in nature.

Sharing of any of the above content on the Service provides us the right to suspend your user profile or permanently delete your profile in the case of repeated violation or gross violations.

4. Personal data
We will process personal data about you in connection with your use of the Service. You are welcome to read more about our privacy policy here.

5. Recipients of the personal data and the use of subcontractors
You may end your legal agreement with us and delete your profile at any time by deactivating your account. If you wish to deactivate your account, please do so by tapping “Delete Account” in the very bottom of the “My profile” page of the app. “My profile” can be found by tapping on the bottom right toolbar of the app.

We may suspend or terminate your account or cease providing you with all or part of the Service at any time for any or no reason, including, but not limited to, if we reasonably believe: (i) you have violated these Terms; (ii) you create risk or possible legal exposure for us; (iii) you use information obtained through the use of the Service to harass, abuse or harm another person or business; (iv) your use of the Service may harm our business; (v) your profile is inappropriate or (vi) you are using our Service in connection with fraudulent or criminal activities.

We will make reasonable efforts to notify you by the mobile phone number associated with your account or the next time you attempt to access your account, depending on the circumstances.

If we terminate your account, or suspend your access to the Service, we shall not have any liability or responsibility to you.

Upon termination of your account, you lose all rights granted under these Terms.

6. Intellectual property rights
We have either secured the rights or owns all intellectual property rights related to the Service, including, but not limited to source code, object code and accompanying documentation, user interface design, graphics, illustrations, images, videos, concepts, data, know-how, trade secrets, the trade mark “Venn” and any other trademarks used to market the Service and all domain names where the Service is hosted.

You are granted a non-exclusive and non-transferrable access right to the Service. The access right is strictly limited to the user interface made intentionally available by us at any given time. The access rights granted to you do not include the right to access the source code or object code, or otherwise reproduce, copy, imitate the Service.

You own the intellectual property rights to the content that you create and share through our Service.

7. Limitation of liability
We are not liable for any special, incidental, indirect, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, which may arise out of or in connection with your use of the Service, regardless of whether we have been apprised of the possibility or likelihood of such damages occurring, or whether claims are based on remedies are sought in contract or tort or otherwise.

8. No warranty and disclaimer
We are not responsible for the contents shared or uploaded by any of the users of the Service and are not liable for any breach of these Terms by other users. You should take note that when using the Service, there is a risk that you will come into contact with other users that are acting on the basis of limited prerequisites, giving false information or having criminal purposes. We therefore encourage you to exercise caution when you want to get in touch with other users. We do not perform background checks or verify any of the information provided by other users, and thus do not make any warranties as to the truthfulness or accuracy of such information.


9. Modification of the Service and amendments to these Terms
These Terms may be updated from time to time. We will give you 30 days’ notification in case of any changes to these Terms and give you an opportunity to review them before they take effect (unless such changes are required by law).

If you do not agree with the updated Terms, your only remedy is to stop using the Service and delete your account before the changes take effect. Once the updated Terms are in effect, you will be bound with them if you continue using the Service.

10. Governing laws and dispute resolution
All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be finally settled under the laws of Norway. If a dispute is not resolved by negotiation or mediation, either party may require that the dispute be resolved with final effect before the Norwegian courts of law.

Both parties’ consent to Oslo District Court as the legal venue.

Privacy policy

Last updated 15.06.2022

1. About this document
Venn is a mobile application developedand operated by the Norwegian company Friendr AS, with address O. J. Brochsgate18, 5006 Bergen, Norway. Organisation number 917426317. All references to “we”,“us” and “our” in the following refer to Friendr AS.  

This document contains information on how we process your personal data when you register your user account/personal profile and use Venn. Unless stated otherwise, Friendr AS is the data controller, and our contact information is provided at the bottom of this document.

2. The information we collect and process
2.1 Information that you provide us with
In order to provide you with access to and use of Venn, we collect and process your personal data. To contact you and send one-time passwords, we require a valid phone number. For security reasons, we log your IP address and usage pattern. We will also use the telephone number you have provided to respond to any inquiries you have made to us, to convey information to you and to contact you if needed. We will also use your telephone number for the purposes that you have agreed to through ticking of service alert types when you register or administer your account.

We also process other types of personal data, depending on how you use Venn and what information you choose to provide when using it. In your profile you must upload a profile picture, your name, age and gender. You also need to select minimum one activity you are interested in. You can optionally choose to enter your nationality, occupation, workplace, school, city, interests, civil status, activities you are looking for and other descriptive texts, position on map and images which becomes visible to other Venn users. Our legal basis for the processing is to perform the agreement of giving you access to Venn.

You may also choose to provide information that reveals your racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs and other sensitive personal information, which is so called special categories of personal data. There is no requirement to provide such information, and by doing so you recognise that the information will be visible to other users of Venn. Our legal basis for processing such information is your consent.

2. Data collected when you use Venn

Technical information about your device and your Internet connection
We use server logs and other tools to record information about your device, the connection to our services, and the use of multiple devices across. This information may contain operating system information, browser version, IP addresses, cookies, screen size, device ID, device model, language code, and various unique identifiers. Our legal basis for the processing is our legitimate interest in providing a good service to our users and we use this information to enhance your user experience. If you have consented to it, we may also use this information for marketing purposes.

Information about the use of your account and services; user behaviour
We can register when you log in or out of your account and any purchase of services through your account, and store information about your visits and your behaviour when using the services. The user behaviour information includes your clicks, how you scroll and how you navigate in the app.  Our legal basis for the processing is our legitimate interest in providing a good service to our users and we use this information to enhance your user experience and connect the users.

Location Information
If you have accepted location services on your phone or device, the app will regularly collect detailed information about your geographic location. The GPS location will be used to provide you with information about other users in your area. When your location is displayed to other users, it is based on the location you choose to show in your profile settings. If you have not enabled GPS location sharing, we can calculate an approximate geographic location based on the IP address you use. We use this information to enhance your user experience and connect the users. Our legal basis for the processing is our legitimate interest in providing a good service to our users.

If you have consented to it, location information can also be used to enable us to provide you with content and marketing relevant to you based on your geographical location. The information can be used to develop new products and services to provide you with custom content, such as advertising that is relevant to you.

If you no longer want the app to be able to collect detailed location information, you can disable location services on your phone or device. In such cases, we will only calculate an approximate geographic location based on the IP address. Please note that you will not be able to enjoy the full functionality of our services if you disable GPS location sharing.

Cookies and other technologies that store data locally on your device
On our website we use cookies and other technologies to recognize and learn about you as a user. For example, local storage is used, so you do not have to log in every time you use the app. Our legal basis for the processing is our legitimate interest in providing a good service to our users. Learn more about how we use cookies here.

3. Security
We have implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures ensuring that personal data is processed in a level of security appropriate to the risk, e.g. ensuring confidentiality, availability and integrity of the personal data.

4.1 Recipients of the personal data and the use of subcontractors
We do not disclose and/or share your personal data to third parties except where it is necessary for fulfilling our legal obligations.

For some administrative purposes we use subcontractors (processors). We have secured that the processing is in accordance with the requirements of GDPR by entering into data processing agreements with the data processor. The data processing agreements also ensure that the personal data is not used for any other purpose.

We do not process personal data outside the EU/EEA.

5. Your rights as a data subject
As a data subject, you may require
• access to,
• correction of and/or
• deletion of your personal data.
• data portability

If legitimate interest is the legal basis for the processing of your personal data, you may protest against the processing by contacting us.

If consent is the legal basis for processing of your personal data, you may at any time withdraw your consent by contacting us.

You are entitled to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority or your national supervisory authority about how we process personal data. They can be accessed at this link: https://www.datatilsynet.no/en/about-us/contact-us/how-to-complain-to-the-norwegian-dpa/

6. Storage time
Storing of personal data will take place as long as it is necessary for the purpose of the processing. We will not store your personal data beyond this, unless there is another legal basis for the processing. Please note that if your profile is deleted, due to your violation of our Terms and Conditions, we may store your personal data, such as telephone number and email, for up to a year, in order to block new sign ups from you.

When your personal information is no longer relevant to the purposes for which they have been collected, we will delete or anonymize them, including any logs or other backup information.

You can choose to delete your profile under “Settings” in the app at any time.

7. Contact information of the data controller
Friendr AS is the data controller for the personal data collected and processed through Venn.

If you want to exercise your rights as a data subject, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy statements, please contact us at support@findavenn.com or at:

Friendr AS
O.J. Brochs gate 18
5006 Bergen