Who is Venn for?

July 25, 2022
the Venn team

“Do you have to be lonely to use Venn?” is a question we often get.

The short answer is of course No. Venn is for everyone! Being in the market for new friends doesn’t mean you don’t have any, merely that you have room for more.

Perhaps you have moved to a new city for school, or work, or to be in love. Maybe you are into cosplay and want to look like Todoroki, to lackluster support from your friends. Or you are single and would like to mingle, but your friends are scheduled for baby swimming.

Life is a diverse journey, and when we are indifferent stages, our interests and priorities will be different as well.

On the other hand, there is increasing evidence pointing towards loneliness as one of the public health challenges of our time.Meta-analysis’ of national studies showing a third of the population in industrialized countries experiencing loneliness, with more than 70% of adolescents reporting recurring loneliness at age 18, and 1 in 12 at a level that can lead to serious health problems.

We move around more than previous generations, change jobs, advance in the housing market, have my kids-your kids-our kids, require proximity to schools and daycare and weave a pattern of continuous demand for new social relations throughout

Simultaneously the arenas for meeting new friends gradually decreases as we reach graduation age and often end our active inclusion in sports or organized activities. And it somehow no longer feels as effortless to say hi to someone with a ball outside a store and ask if we can join in.

But even though we are aware of loneliness’ substantial negative impacts on our memory, our self-esteem and our ability to perform academically and professionally as well as our mental health and longevity. And even though we know that there are correspondingly great health benefits from feeling included and having a balanced social network, and the vast majority of us have at some points experienced an eagerness for new friends in our lives - there is still a measure of prejudice related to actively seeking new friendships.

We see numerous indications that digital friend-matching today is at the stage where online dating was in the early2000; with a certain skepticism, an undeserved link to desperation and a perception that it’s not as natural as randomly standing next to someone at a bar or in a queue at the grocery store.

The very same platforms that today is the preferred way for initiating romantic connections and the most natural tools for expanding the selection base of people with coinciding intentions.

We believe that online friendship-matching follows the same trajectory. With rapid user growth, more and more people becoming vocal in articles, programs and social media - together painting a polyphonic picture of a zeitgeist where loneliness is normal, but often unnecessary.

That we are becoming ready to normalize the everyday-loneliness. Breaking down demoralizing stigma preventing too many from taking part in the well-being and health benefits good social networks provide.In all stages of life.

Do you have to be lonely to use Venn?

Not at all. But if you are, that’s perfectly normal too.

So just dive right in, and take a chance on finding someone who is also searching for you